Pacific Holding Group is managed through three strategic business units (SBU´s)

  • Airports and aviation
  • Industry and infrastructure
  • Consulting and services

With our ambitions, strategic targets, growth, profitability, stability and the new group structure, we are well prepared to face the challenges of the future.

Airports and aviation
Administration buildings
Aircraft fueling systems
ATC Control towers
Cargo terminals
Catering buildings
Fuel farms
Groundhandling equipment
Maintenance hangars
Passenger teminals
Runways, taxiways, aprons
Utilities and buildings
VIP Terminals

Industry and infrastructure
Cement plant projects
Comm. & industrial buildings
Housing areas
Oil, fuel and gas storage tanks
Onshore windparks
Pipelines and loading stations
Power Plants (gas & fuel)
Railway links and trains
Refinery projects
Roads and bridges
Seaport loading equipment
Security and safety equipment
Steel constructions

Consulting and service
Air Traffic Control ATC
Airport cargo handling
Airport equipment supply
Airport ground handling
Airport management
Airport operation
Commodity trading
IT solutions
Process engineering
Project engineering
Project financing
Project management